Andy's Harley Rides

All riders are professional owner tour operators with their own taxi directory licenses and 's' plate registration and own indemnity insurance of $10,000,000 cover I Carry $20,000,000 Public Liability Insurance


s-plate.jpg  Never  Book a Ride without one of these!

This type of Registration plate guarantees that your rider holds the  Victorian Government approval to accept payment for Hire/Reward. It is our industry's equivalent of a Taxi Plate.

The "S Plate", as it is known, is issued by the Victorian Taxi Directorate as a Restricted Hire Licence.

Your Safety Guarantee. This means that your rider has a minimum 5 years continuous riding experience, has completed a thorough medical examination, holds a Taxi Driver Certificate and has no criminal record.

BE AWARE - You will not be covered by the Transport Accident Commission, in the event of an accident if it is proven that you have paid someone to take you for a joy ride on a motorcycle not displaying an S Plate.

ANDY'S HARLEY RIDES is not endorsed or licensed by Harley Davidson Motor Company or its distributors, dealers or licensees.